Sunday, July 20, 2008


Guess what...last year the contract for Telstra installation and maintenance was awarded to Visionstream. I was an employee for telstra. They were awsome. Now i have retired from the company and decided not to work for visionstream because they don't really give a shit about customer relations. For One. I had some bloke work on my telephone the other day. This bloke rocked up in a nice Gold color toyota hilux four wheel drive. I was expecting he would be nice, considering the car was very presentable. He was late, and very filthy. He was not a telstra service man, but a contractor. I was a bit shitty....I was late for a game of golf with a few mates. I asked him to take his shoes off, but just walked in...and ordered me to show where the phone was. He then started rooting around with my phone. He had a go at me, telling me "your phone is fucked". I knew the phone was ok, told him the phone was ok, but kept telling me the like was ok. His attitude totally annoyed me. He told me he had checked out the line and the problem was in the house. Being a retired telecommunications technician, i had tested the line going into the house and found it to be good. I could not tell this bloke. He wanted to argue and i didnt. I told hime to leave.

I tried to call visionstream and complain about this bloke. What a waste of time that was. They have more faith in their contractors than their client. I ended up getting one of my mates from telstra to check it out. It turned out to be in the network about 100 metres from my house.

It's a shame telstra is not the same. I remember when i was working for telstra. there were no contractors. we did everything. Now the company has changed and i end up with a cunt to service my phone. If i ever see this bloke again, he certainly won't be working on my phone again.